Release Notes 1.1

Released November 13th, 2011

Thank to everyone who has contributed, Pinta is now at v1.1!

New Features

In this new release several features have been added:

  • Holding + Line tools will draw a straight line
  • You can now resize a selection
  • Added a new images pad for simpler image selection
  • Confirmation to enlarge the canvas when a larger image is pasted
  • 'Save' and 'Open' dialogs remember their last used paths
  • After cropping a smaller area, the image is zoomed to fit the window
  • Previous zoom dimensions are kept when rotating
  • Added more zooming option between 100-200%
  • Pencil Sketch and Ink Sketch now work with the color range slider
  • You can now open read-only files
  • You can save an empty file if needed

Fixed Bugs

  • 857994 - "Zoom to Window" doesn't always work for small images
  • 852770 - Zooming with Ctrl+ScrollWheel doesn't work with Caps Lock or Num Lock enabled
  • 852385 - Pinta crashes when Paintbrush's Splatter type is used with size 1
  • 851919 - Selection resizing handles do not respect selection constraints. (Shift key)
  • 851378 - Zoom to Window logic not preserved when rotating image
  • 850362 - Saving empty image does not open save dialog
  • 850354 - The name of menu items does not match windows titles
  • 846755 - "Save As" doesn't prompt for a filename
  • 846396 - Pinta does not run in Kubuntu
  • 797140 - Add more zoom options between 100% and 200%
  • 792732 - Document switching should be more visible in the UI
  • 786872 - failed to open read only file
  • 776307 - an exception raised when creating a new image with width 0px and height 0px.
  • 772172 - Exception after using Text object and closing image
  • 772170 - Text is copied from doc1 to doc2 after using text object and opening new image
  • 747607 - Color Range slider doesn't do anything for Pencil Sketch or Ink Sketch effects
  • 745270 - Zoom is not automatically increased after cropping a large image

Bug Tracker

What's To Come

Please continue to utilize the Pinta UserVoice site to request new features. Your requests are what shape Pinta into a more user friendly and more capable application.

Pinta Feature Requests


Contributors For This Release

The following people directly contributed to this version of Pinta. Apologies for missing others:

Cameron White, James Gifford, Jean-Michael Bea, Manish Sinha, Martin Geier, Olivier Dufour, Robert Nordan, and Founder: Jonathan Pobst

Thanks to everyone who contributed translations, filed bugs, made packages, and everything else. Together we can make Pinta a premier application.

Contributors To Past Releases

Aaron Bockover, Anirudh Sanjeev, Cameron White, Greg Lowe, Hanh Pham, James Gifford, Jean-Michael Bea, Joe Hillenbrand, Jon Rimmer, Jonathan Pobst, Juergen Obernolte, Khairuddin Ni'am, Krzysztof Marecki, Maia Kozheva, Manish Sinha, Marco Rolappe, Martin Geier, Mathias Fusseneggerg, Obinou Conseil, Olivier Dufour, Richard Cohn, Robert Nordan