Release Notes 1.3

Released April 30th, 2012

Thank to everyone who has contributed, Pinta is now at v1.3!

Fixed Bugs

  • 704265 - Using File | Save As for the SECOND time produces exception.
  • 781421 - Crashes on start w/ CLR20r3 error report (Win7)
  • 836868 - crash on OS X Lion when opening file
  • 846660 - Pinta crashes on OS X Lion with the latest GTK#
  • 879043 - Package missing dependency "gnome-icon-theme-full" (Affects KDE)
  • 883332 - Pinta completely unusable in Mac OS 10.5.8
  • 905656 - Undo after using Move Selected Pixels is broken
  • 914554 - Exception when using the eyedropper tool with the Color Palette minimized
  • 956883 - Crash when coping part of the images inside Images palette
  • 986932 - Paint Bucket action can't be undone inside Rectangle Select object
  • 986937 - Rectangle Select, closing a file and New file crashes Pinta
  • 987066 - Image Previews in the Open Image dialog cause huge memory usage
  • 987432 - Rectangle Selection, Croping and Zooming not displaying correct image
  • 987637 - TGA and ICO file types not shown in Open Image File dialog with default "Image files" filter
  • 987645 - Crash when saving big file into ico file type
  • 987646 - Memory usage stays large even after image is closed
  • 989374 - Pinta occasionally crashes when opening the New Image dialog with an image on the clipboard
  • 730825 - After using Text object Tools shortcuts stop working
  • 886501 - Missing translation strings related to Extension Manager
  • 982860 - Pinta crashes after using "Crop to selection" and File | New
  • 984044 - When layouts.xml fails to load, Pinta crashes
  • 986971 - Images pad hidden by default when new install
  • 987606 - Spike in memory usage for previews of large images
  • 873591 - ‘Expand canvas size’ prompt window has no title
  • 873632 - Extension Manager name and Add-in Manager name not consistent
  • 889733 - Resize Image not accepting default action
  • 891553 - "Images" pads' icon missing if pad is minimized
  • 928121 - Missing Fill Background icon in Text drop-down menu on Windows
  • 986992 - Strings for "Layer Hidden"/"Layer Shown" not translatable
  • 987436 - Opening non-existing path reports error, it should just go to another path
  • 988018 - Tip help confusing for Rounded Rectangle
  • 988171 - License info small update to years needed
  • 988176 - Incosistent icon warning message when file too big
  • 988243 - No error/warning if pasting non-image
  • 988246 - "Paste cancelled" message is too geeky

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What's To Come

Please continue to utilize the Pinta UserVoice site to request new features. Your requests are what shape Pinta into a more user friendly and more capable application.

Pinta Feature Requests


Contributors For This Release

The following people directly contributed to this version of Pinta. Apologies for missing others:

Cameron White, Jonathan Pobst, and Robert Nordan

Thanks to everyone who contributed translations, filed bugs, made packages, and everything else. Together we can make Pinta a premier application.

Contributors To Past Releases

Aaron Bockover, Anirudh Sanjeev, Cameron White, Greg Lowe, Hanh Pham, James Gifford, Jean-Michael Bea, Joe Hillenbrand, Jon Rimmer, Jonathan Pobst, Juergen Obernolte, Khairuddin Ni'am, Krzysztof Marecki, Maia Kozheva, Manish Sinha, Marco Rolappe, Martin Geier, Mathias Fusseneggerg, Obinou Conseil, Olivier Dufour, Richard Cohn, Robert Nordan