Release Notes 0.6

Released January 11th, 2011

Pinta 0.6 is a continuation of our "polish" phase. This release is primarily bug fixes. If you've filed a bug with Pinta, there is a good chance it's fixed now!

Some notable fixes are the text tool has been completely rewritten to use Pango and several crashes and glitches with history have been fixed.

Fixed Bugs

Bug Tracker


Contributors For This Release

The following people directly contributed to this version of Pinta. Without their help, this version of Pinta would look suspiciously like the last version!

Jonathan Pobst, Khairuddin Ni'am, Mathias Fusseneggerg

If I missed your name, it was not intentional! Please let me know and I'll add it!

And of course thanks to everyone who contributed translations, filed bugs, made packages, and everything else that has made Pinta what it is today!

Contributors To Past Releases

Aaron Bockover, Anirudh Sanjeev, Greg Lowe, Hanh Pham, Joe Hillenbrand, Jon Rimmer, Jonathan Pobst, Juergen Obernolte, Krzysztof Marecki, Maia Kozheva, Marco Rolappe, Obinou Conseil, Olivier Dufour, Richard Cohn